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Agenda Items & Chair Reports

General Assembly

GA1: Disarmament

  • Addressing the unchecked distribution and sale of conventional arms in Central and East Africa

  • Discussing the possible impacts of autonomous weapon systems

GA2: Economics

  • Tackling the negative economic effects of brain drain from developing nations

  • Establishing beneficial and fair wage dynamics

GA3: Environmental

  • Mitigating the effects of heatwaves and drought in Southern Europe

  • Tackling the effects of mass floods in South Asia

GA4: Humanitarian

  • Addressing the rights of the indigenous population in the Amazon

  • Protecting individuals in refugee camps from physical and mental abuse

GA5: Political

  • Addressing the political implications of the Gaza Strip dispute

  • Aiding the development of former Soviet Satellite states

GA6: Legal

  • Discussing the legal rights of refugees passing through LDCs

  • Reviewing the jurisdiction of United Nations Peacekeepers


Special Assembly

SA1: Drugs and Crime

  • The question of migrant smuggling in Northern Africa and the Middle East

  • Addressing the issue of sex trafficking in Latin America

SA2: Education

  • Establishing regulations to solidify access to education in times of pandemics and epidemics

  • Securing the right to education for refugees and minorities

SA3: Health

  • The distribution and management of healthcare resources in times of crises

  • Curbing the effects of unsanitary and unsafe medical practices in LEDCs

SA4: Sustainability

  • Minimizing the effects of  desertification on land and resources

  • Transitioning to clean energy resources in times of war

SA5: Urbanization

  • Re-approaching city management to mitigate the effects of urban heat islands

  • Discussing the issue of urban city sprawl to make city expansion more sustainable

SA6: Gender Affairs

  • Establishing regulations to increase representation and opportunities for women in politics

  • Taking measures to aid victims of partner violence


Human Rights Council

  • Discussing the Ethical Boundaries of Gene editing

  • Tackling the humanitarian effects of the collapse in Lebanon on the Middle East

  • Eliminating the Rising trend of Child Labor in Southeast Asia

Economic and Social Council

  • Stabilization of Food Security in Conflict zones

  • Reinforcing Natural Disaster Response Mechanisms amidst increasing concerns of Climate Change

  • Curbing the corporate exploitation of human labor in areas subjected to deforestation

Security Council

  • The recent Annexation of Donetsk and Luhansk

  • The situation in Myanmar

  • The Situation in Sudan

Advisory Panel on the Question of West Africa (APQWA)

  • The question of curbing the power of organized crime in Northern Nigeria

  • The question of addressing the military intervention of ECOWAS states in Gambia

  • The question of facilitating sustainable peace talks between forces in the Casamance region

Historical Committee

  • The Finnish Civil War (1918)

Historical Security Council

  • The Iranian Hostage Crisis

  • 1973 Chilean Coup D’Etat

  • 1979 Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan


  • LaGrand (Germany v. United States of America)

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