Agenda Items

General Assembly

GA1 – Disarmament

  • Non-proliferation of chemical weapons and their precursors in the Middle East
  • Prevention of an arms race in outer space

GA2 – Economics

  • Seeking tax reform as a course to reducing global income inequality
  • Diminishing the gender wage gap

GA3 – Environmental

  • Preventing the increase of carbon dioxide emissions in the globalizing world
  • Utilizing Blockchain technology for reducing carbon footprints

GA4 – Humanitarian

  • Expediting the allocation and citizenship process of refugees affected by the Rohingya Crisis
  • Protecting critical infrastructure in regards of delivering humanitarian aid to conflict-affected regions

GA5 – Political

  • Imprisonment of political prisoners and abolishment of individual’s rights in Venezuela
  • Formulating a diplomatic corridor between Syria-based powers that are in territorial dispute

GA6 – Social Affairs

  • Promoting anti-discrimination laws and making them applicable for small corporations
  • Preventing smuggling of cultural heritage by terrorist groups

Special Assembly

SA1 - Drugs and Crime

  • The question of transnational organized crime
  • The issue of drug trafficking in Mexico, Central America and Caribbean

SA2 - Education

  • Ensuring equitable access to education in the MENA region
  • Developing strategies to institutionalize education and research on UNESCO’s Memory of the World (MoW) Programme

SA3 - Health

  • Taking measures against MERS-CoV disease in LEDCs
  • Developing guidelines for public health surveillance

SA4 -Sustainability

  • Promoting ecotourism as a tool for sustainable environment
  • Investing in sustainable and renewable energy in rural areas

SA5 - Urbanization

  • Taking measures to increase water quality in urbanized countries
  • Reducing the negative effects of urbanization on immigrants and refugees

SA6 - Youth and Gender Affairs

  • Creating an international framework to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 5
  • Combatting school shootings and violence in schools


Human Rights Council

  • The issue of sexual harassment in the workplace
  • The issue of racial profiling by police officers

Economic and Social Council

  • Preventing the financial, legal and physical abuse of migrant workers in Japan
  • Preventing the marketing of personally identifiable information

Security Council

  • The non-proliferation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
  • The situation in the Gaza Strip

Advisory Panel - On the situation in Syria

  • Ensuring the safe resettlement of Syrian refugees
  • The issue of the use of chemical weapons in Syria

Historical Committee

  • Russian Revolution


  • Haya de la Torre (Colombia v. Peru)