Chair Reports (To Be Published)

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General Assembly

Disarmament Committee

Research Report 1 – Preventing the illicit arms trade in the Middle East
Research Report 2 – Combatting terrorism in Europe with regard to the recent refugee influx

Economics Committee

Research Report 1 – Economic inclusion of Africa to prevent violent extremism
Research Report 2 –Fostering economic interdependence amongst developing states

Environmental Committee

Research Report 1 - Cleansing the contamination of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico
Research Report 2 - Preserving eco-tourism assets in areas of conflict

Humanitarian Committee

Research Report 1 - Minimizing the detrimental effects of the Iraqi displacement
Research Report 2 - Preventing the deliberate placement of minority groups to workforces in hazardous conditions

Political Committee

Research Report 1 – The situation in Mali
Research Report 2 – The Western Sahara Territorial Dispute

Social Affairs Committee

Research Report 1 – Facilitating the social integration of refugees in their host countries
Research Report 2 –Promotion of intercultural dialogue on an intergovernmental level for peace amongst nations

Special Assembly

Cyber Security Committee

Research Report 1 – The issue of transparency in media organs concerning the minority groups
Research Report 2 - Managing the risks of cryptocurrency

Education Committee

Research Report 1 – Integration of Indigenous populations into the education systems
Research Report 2 - Fostering  culture against violence through education

Health Committee

Research Report 1 – Combatting psychological disorders in areas of conflict  
Research Report 2 - The case of malnutrition in refugees

Sustainability Committee

Research Report 1 – Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns
Research Report 2 - Reducing environmental damage in war zones for a sustainable future

Urbanization Committee

Research Report 1 – Effects of overpopulation in urban areas due to involuntary migration
Research Report 2 - The issue of insufficient infrastructure in cosmopolitan cities

Youth Committee

Research Report 1 – Recruitment and exploitation of children by extremist groups in the Middle East
Research Report 2 - Abandonment and infanticide of children of war

Security Council

Research Report 1 – The Situation in the Korean Peninsula
Research Report 2 - The issue of the Taliban on the Durand line

Advisory Panel on the issue of extremism in Europe

Research Report 1 – The treatment of LGBTQ individuals in Chechnya
Research Report 2 - The radicalization of European youth

Historical Committee

Research Report –American Civil War (Apr 12, 1861 – May 9, 1865)

Human Rights Council

Research Report 1 – Preventing hate crimes caused by Islamophobia
Research Report 2 - The question of Human Rights in Venezuela