General Information

General Conduct
MUN is a simulation of the United Nations where students represent delegations that their school has been assigned. In this simulation, students become diplomats for a couple of days and discuss world problems. Since students pretend to be the diplomats for their assigned delegation and represent their school, they are required to behave appropriately throughout the conference.
JMUN strictly forbids discrimination based on color, age, gender, disability, religion or nationality. If any of these is violated, please inform the Secretariat General. Moreover, camaraderie between delegates at all times during the conference is fundamental for ensuring productive debate during the conference and a successful outcome.
If an inappropriate behavior is observed, the advisor of the delegate will be informed. If this behavior is repeated, appropriate measures will be taken by the Secretariat General.
The official language of JMUN is English. All participants are expected to speak English at all times.
We expect all participants to be covered by travel and health insurance. Please remember to keep your travel documents with you at all times in order to be prepared for an emergency. Please inform the Secretariat-General of any allergy or other health problems.

All delegates must be in their assigned committee rooms at least 5 minutes before the committee session starts. Being prompt is also very important in JMUN. Student Officers will be informing the committee about the daily schedule. Please pay attention to this and know your schedule for the day. Attendance will be taken by the Student Officers throughout the day. Attendance reports will be shared with all advisors. Please inform your chair if you will be late or absent for any reason.

Emergency Procedures
​In case of an emergency, please do not panic. Security staff will be giving you instructions; listen to them carefully and follow them. The arrows on the walls of the school will lead you to the emergency exits.

Personal Belongings
All participants attending JMUN are responsible for their personal belongings. Neither Hisar School nor the organizing team of JMUN accepts responsibility for the loss or theft of participants’ personal belongings.

Registration Package
All participants will get a registration package which contains a folder, a notepad, a pen, a handbook and JMUN newspaper at the registration. Extra registration packages can be purchased for a fee of 5€ at the Information Desk.

Dress Code
​The dress code at the conference is business attire. Uggs, sneakers, jeans, hoodies, t-shirts, miniskirts, shorts, hats, symbols and national outfits are strictly forbidden in JMUN. Male delegates can wear a formal suit with a tie, while the female delegates can wear trousers, skirts or dresses of appropriate length. Male delegates are required to wear their jackets while they are speaking in a committee session.

Notepads & Notepassing
​JMUN will provide participants with an official JMUN notepad which can be found in the folder that will be given to you at registration. Notes written on paper that is not official JMUN paper will not be delivered to the recipient.
Notes will be passed by the Administrative Staff. Do not forget that English is the official language for note passing. Administrative Staff members will read the content of all notes that are being passed in order to check its language and relevancy to the debate topic. The usage of offensive words and slang is strictly forbidden.
If note passing affects the order in the house negatively, Student Officers have the right to suspend note passing.

Electronic Devices
Delegates can bring laptops and mobile phones to the conference. Laptops will only be allowed during lobbying sessions. All electronic devices, including mobile phones, ipads, ipods and mp3 players must be turned off once the committee is in session.

​Delegates will be seated in their assigned seats both in the ceremonies and in the committee rooms. Delegates are not allowed to remove or replace delegation signs and placards.

Information Desks
​The main Information Desk is located in the high school building. Participants can inquire as to lost items, pick up schedules and floor plans, and purchase new registration packages, badges and placards at the Information Desks.

The mentor program aims to establish a peer solidarity system to help delegates cope with their feelings of insecurity and anxiety. The delegates can be sure that the mentors follow the secrecy rule. There will be one mentor per General Assembly, Special Conference committee as well as the Security Council, Advisory Panel, Historical Committee and the International Court of Justice.