Theme Letter 

Establishment of inter-communal ties are taking place at an increasing proportion due to communication-transmission facilities and technological discoveries. Unfortunately, these technological discoveries were not purely used as important mediums for various forms of interaction. Many institutions have used this medium for their own benefits, excluding individuals with different perspectives and different ethnic or cultural backgrounds. That is where the ideal of a globalized society comes in. The core of building a true sense of optimism lies in the belief that organizations, working for the common good, should be accessible to all. With this optimism and the recognition of others’ voices, the creation of a common language for tackling world issues can reasonably be acknowledged as the optimal methodology.

While considering globalization’s implementations, it is highly significant to realize that if they are not carefully judged and acted upon, they may not always produce win-win situations. The devil is in the details. Globalization enables states to operate on an international scale; however, the line between global development and large scale exploitation is very thin and in many situations developed countries choose the latter in order to develop international influence. Aware of this misconduct, it is our obligation to prevent it from happening and the only way to do this is including all states into the conversation of international integration. In addition to states, individuals must also consider their own role in this discussion and realize the importance of it on their everyday lives.

For MEDC’s, economic integration might not instantly seem reasonable or profitable. It is true that regulation would come to a halt on such a large stage, raising oil prices, and maybe even resulting in unemployment. However, the upsides outweigh the downsides. With a globalized economy, economies of scale increase, and investment opportunities naturally rocket. Similar upsides exist in the field of cultural integration; as technology develops, people come to realize that multiculturalism and diversity open the doors to an unlimited network of information. People who relied only on national information in the past are now connected to the world and given the chance to form their own opinions. With economic and social/cultural integration as a benchmark, it will be apparent that barriers are liftable and globalization is a desirable outcome if all nations are included in its evolution.

Common goals such as eradicating extreme poverty and maintaining universal peace can only be dealt through mutual respect and effective use of language. As the ambitious delegates of JMUN 2018, you will find innovative solutions to recent global issues through your productive debate sessions, representing countries from all around the world.

                               Yiğitcan Akyıl                                                                                                                                   Derin Karzan
            President of the General Assembly                                                                                                 President of the Special Assembly
             Junior Model United Nations 2018                                                                                                  Junior Model United Nations 2018