Agenda Items & Chair Reports

General Assembly

GA1 – Disarmament

  • De-escalating tensions in the Persian Gulf

  • The question of foreign military intervention in internal conflicts in the Middle East

GA2 – Economics

  • Maintaining trade flows and globalization amidst pandemics

  • Reviving local economies in the aftermath of the COVID-19 Economic Recession

GA3 – Environmental

  • Implementing measures to minimize damage on LEDCs by natural disasters

  • Tackling the usage of single-use plastics and its consequences

GA4 – Humanitarian

  • The question of the sociopolitical and humanitarian crisis in Lebanon

  • Developing measures to increase humanitarian aid in Yemen amidst the civil war

GA5 – Political

  • The issue of the Venezuelan presidential crisis

  • Establishing and ensuring the security of alternatives to in-person voting

GA6 – Legal

  • The question of bypassing vaccine trials during pandemics

  • The question of governments’ rights to limit civil liberties in times of crisis


Special Assembly

SA1 - Drugs and Crime

  • Regulating transparency guidelines of the international arms trades

  • Combating the rise in adolescent substance abuse

SA2 - Education

  • Addressing the impact of school closures and distanced learning for children in marginalized communities

  • Eliminating technological discrepancies between countries for equitable global access to educational resources

SA3 - Health

  • Promoting a globalized model of collaboration in the corporate pharmaceutical industry

  • Regulation of healthcare systems to prevent shortages of drugs and treatment during global pandemics

SA4 -Sustainability

  • The question of the overconsumption of natural resources

  • Implementing solutions to the challenges land-locked states face against development

SA5 - Urbanization

  • Implementing measures to aid the adjustment of immigrants relocating to cities

  • Addressing the potential of population control policies for overpopulation

SA6 - Gender Affairs

  • The question of gender polarization in southeast Asia

  • Strengthening women’s engagement in elections


Human Rights Council

  • The encampment of Uyghur Muslims in Chinese “re-education camps” as a result of the Xinjiang Conflict

  • Preserving the rights and autonomy of the Rohingya population in Myanmar

  • Protecting the human rights of prison inmates during crises

Economic and Social Council

  • Mitigating the socioeconomic repercussions of the Israeli occupation in Palestinian territory and East Jerusalem on the living conditions of Palestinians and the Arab population in the Syrian Golan

  • Tackling the implications of neoliberalism and privatization in health care on healthcare inequality

  • Evaluating the potential of universal basic income policies in abating poverty

Security Council

  • The situation in Mali

  • De-escalating tensions over territorial disputes in the Kashmir Region

  • The question of the Hong Kong National Security Law and its implications on democratic development

Advisory Panel on the Question of Central Africa (APQCA)

  • Curbing the Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon

  • The question of the Central African Republic Civil War

  • Taking measures to combat child mortality in Central Africa

Historical Committee

  • The Cuban Revolution


  • Certain Questions of Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters (Djibouti v. France)

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