Most esteemed JMUN participants,


It is my greatest joy and utmost pleasure to welcome you all to the 14th annual session of Junior Model United Nations, which will held at Hisar School between the 17th and 20th of October, 2019.


As a THIMUN affiliated conference, JMUN has provided a chance for young students to gain awareness on current global conflicts, to lobby and debate on these issues in a public quorum, and to explore the world of MUN, all while still in middle school. JMUN participants cooperate and come up with beneficial resolutions each year, committing their work to diplomacy. I have no doubt that this year will reach the same standards, if not even higher.


JMUN has improved drastically since its creation in 2009, evolving from a small event to an internationally recognized conference that hosts more than 600 participants from around the world. For the last 13 years, JMUN has served as a platform for young, hardworking students who are interested in politics and international relations, to get more confident in their debating, public speaking and communication skills. , as well as their general knowledge and involvement in world issues. On behalf of the Secretariat-General, I can say that we find this to be highly motivating, and our goal is to make sure JMUN not only continues but also improves upon its success. We hope to organize the best JMUN to date, and ensure that everyone leaves with tons of new knowledge and improved skills, as well as countless memories and new friendships.


This year’s theme is “Protecting Freedoms in the Global Age”. With the development of the Nations, freedom is perhaps one of the biggest topics of the present day. While we may all lead different lives and face different daily struggles, we have to bear in mind that we all share the same world and the same resources. Whether it is environmental problems or political unrest, what is happening in  the world concerns all of us when it comes to freedom. Only through mutual understanding, unity and collaboration we can lay the foundations of a worthier world. I hope that the four days JMUN will help you to protect freedoms in many different issues.


As the JMUN family, we look forward to seeing you in October, as we hope that this conference will provide you with a broader perspective, help you become more confident, knowledgeable and self-aware individuals. I hope that our months of hard work will exceed your expectations, and that we will send you away with a memorable experience you will remember for a lifetime.


Derin Karzan


Junior Model United Nations 2019

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