With us entering a brand new stage of our evolutionary route, that is the digital age, the freedoms of individuals are being spoiled more commonly than ever. Moreover, the freedom of privacy and expression are mutually important for the fundamental principles of a human being. Both are among the founding principles of a healthy and self-fulfilling democracy and are vital for self-fulfillments of individuals. If a country were to form a healthy democracy, one that is deserving of the name and not prevaricator of the actual reality, freedom of speech and expression should be respected and protected. The same applies to protect individuals’ privacy since, only so an individual can feel free to represent their belief and act as a bulwark towards just governance.


While freedom of speech is vital, especially for culturally diverse populations, for it enables creativity and innovation and acts as a bridge between the electors and the elected as a means of measurement to ensure the rights of the “citizens”, the right of privacy is essential on ensuring individuals’ autonomy and facilitate their ideas and beliefs in a way mutually conservant for the citizens of a country. They are both indispensables for the mechanisms of a healthy democracy and form a cycle bolstering the applications of each other. The way to ensure their availability in a democracy lies on the government itself and the people who select them. It is in the nature of a human being to desire to seize more power, especially when given a title in the parliament, and this foreseeable nature strictly contradicts with the nature of democracy and thus should be eliminated as in means of setting ground rules that bound the government and dismisses the potential of corruption.


Freedom of the press, for example, mainly goes under the freedom of expression of one’s self. It allows people to write and share about politics, sports, world news and many other topics. Nonetheless, many nations fail to ensure their citizens the right to that freedom. According to Reporters Without Borders’ 2018 World Press Freedom Index, countries such as North Korea, Turkmenistan, Eritrea, China, Sudan, Syria and others rank amongst the worst countries for freedom of the press. Thousands of people from these countries face severe consequences such as imprisonment or death for publishing or even expressing thoughts that go against these countries’ governments, leaders or their policies on topics such as the economy, military and diplomatic relationships with other countries.  This sheds light on the millions of people from these countries as well as those from around the world who are denied of possessing this freedom regardless of it being a fundamental human right.


The issue of freedom of any kind whether it is the freedom of speech, expression, belief or others, is imperative for improving the quality of life for people all around the world. Ensuring freedom is essential for maintaining peace and establishing communities where people can be themselves without facing prosecution. As earnest delegates of JMUN 2019, you will have the responsibility of finding sustainable and resourceful solutions to universal issues which relate to Protecting Freedoms in the Global Age through fruitful debates where you represent united nations member countries.



Alp Altuğ                                                                                                Erin Güneri

                                Deputy Secretary-General                                                                Deputy Secretary-General

                         President of the General Assembly                                                   President of the Special Assembly                                                      Hisar School Junior MUN 2019                                                        Hisar School Junior MUN 2019

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