The Secretariat-General is the main organization and management body of almost all MUN conferences. In JMUN, Secretariat-General is made up of one Secretary-General and four Deputy Secretaries-General. The Secretary-General is the head of the conference and responsible for overseeing all aspects of the planning and organization of the conference. While the Secretary-General presides over the Organizing-Team, the Deputy Secretaries-General are responsible for assisting the Secretary-General by overseeing the main organs of the conference which are the General Assembly, the Special Conference, the Security Council, the Advisory Panel, the Historical Committee, the Human Rights Council, International Court of Justice and the Executive Board. Members of the Secretariat work to run a smooth, harmonious conference by strategically planning every detail not only for the main organs, but also for the overall management of the conference, its logistics, conference services, financial matters, and communications.

Organizing Team – Secretariat General

Merve Özdemir

Yiğit Can Akyıl
Deputy Secretary General - President of the General Assembly

Derin Karzan
Deputy Secretary-General - President of the Special Assembly

Kerim Bali
Deputy Secretary-General - Chief Financial Officer

Naz Kabalak
Deputy Secretary-General - Chief Operations Officer