Most esteemed JMUN participants,

It is our utmost pleasure as the Secretaries General to welcome you to the 12th Annual Session of Junior Model United Nations which will be taking place in Hisar School, between the 14th and 17th of December 2017. Since our foundation, JMUN has been the first of its kind and has provided the chance and the experience for teenagers as young as 12 years old to debate and lobby in a public quorum and to experience the world of MUN. We find this to be a specific, a more powerful motivation for us to organize this conference in the best way we can since this amazing platform has provided young, ambitious individuals an opportunity to become more confident public speakers that have developed communication, negotiation and language skills as well as an opportunity to make endless, long lasting friendships. This year, we hope to organize one of the best and most memorable JMUN conference to date and hope to make the fullest of these four days.
JMUN has come a long way from its establishment as a minor conference with big ambitions to an internationally recognized, respected event that hosts over nearly 600 participants around the world. What made our conference so successful in such short notice was our spirit of family. Since our first JMUN Conference, all organizing teams have shared a close friendship, one that turned into a notion of family over generations. We have come to learn from our peers that our bonds are our definitive strength. As the organizing team for JMUN 2017, we have been through an amazing experience so far since the first day of our preparation. This year, we hope that all of our participants can leave with a valuable experience that will be remembered.

As the Secretaries Generals, we have had the honor and the privilege of leading an experienced and a very motivated organizing team. As we take a look back and review our path leading up until this very moment we can observe that being a part of MUN has had a transforming effect on all of us. We can easily acknowledge that this amazing platform has made us into more critical thinking, confident individuals. We hope to fulfill everyone's wishes and exceed their expectations by organizing yet another unforgettable conference.
This year, we have set our theme to be “Confronting Extremism”. The dividend nature of our world can lead to many extreme paths taken by different, divided groups. In a time where we bear witness the most violent and polarizing of conflicts, we feel responsible for tackling this issue by confronting it in its cold, irritant nature. The term “extremism” can be interpreted in many different ways and by many different sects of people. The dedication to making an agenda clear, or troublesome labors to make a voice heard are important aspects of human dignity and free speech. As we dive into the roots of every idea, of every abstract, we can understand that at some point these thoughts have derived from primitive ideas. Going to the extreme in any opinion is a threatening and dangerous aspect of humanity. It must be confronted in order for it to be clearly understood and resolved. We hope that our selection of the theme of JMUN 2017 will impact the participants with vigor and resilience that will drive them to solve a problem embedded deep in the roots of society.

As the JMUN family, our hope and aims are to outperform and exceed the expectations of our guests, leave unforgettable memories, friendships and an unforgettable experience. We look forward into seeing you all in our conference that will be a more enriched and more professional than ever. We hope that you can depart away with an amazing experience that will provide a broader perspective, a more connected character and as always, with memorable moments you can cherish for a lifetime.

Sinan Orhun - Doğa Çetinkaya              
Secretaries General
Hisar Junior Model United Nations 2017