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Advisory Board

Advisory Board is the body that provides non-binding strategic advice to the Secretary-General of JMUN. Composed of the former Secretaries-General of JMUN, the Advisory Board keeps experience within JMUN and ensures continuity over the years by providing the organization with distinctive knowledge, understanding, strategic thinking and management of JMUN. With an advisory capacity, the board members provide ongoing guidance to the Secretary-General on issues of strategy, management, and conflict resolution. The board strengthens the conference leadership, but not interfering with authorities of the current Secretary-General. Since JMUN is a volunteer student organisation entailing a high turnover rate which can lead to loss of crucial knowledge, the Advisory Board has a notably substantial role to play during the handover and transition phase from one Secretary-General to the next.

Composed of accomplished experts offering innovative advice and dynamic perspectives on long-term objectives, the Advisory Board holds its biannual meetings three months before and one month after the conference. In the first meeting the board reviews the strategic programs and plans presented by the Secretary-General and provides strategic direction on macro-level issues. The second meeting shall be convened to assess program effectiveness and guide quality improvement pursuant to the report to be drawn up by the Chairman of the Advisory Board who shall attend the conference and monitor its performance.

The Advisory Board is responsible for: 


  • Improving the organization’s long-term and strategic planning & providing wise counsel on issues raised by the Secretary-General, especially when s/he believes it could benefit from the Advisory Board’s advice. 

  • Providing support and procuring unbiased insights and ideas from a third point-of-view 

  • Encouraging and supporting the exploration of new ideas as well as the development of a governance framework that enable the sustainability of the organization

  • Acting as a resource for executives and ensuring access to high-quality advice and network in the MUN world 

  • Imposing challenges to directors and management that could enhance the organization

The Chairman of the Advisory Board is selected annually by the current Secretary-General. The Chairman, who will also serve as the Chief Advisor to the Secretary-General, is responsible for calling and chairing the meetings of the Advisory Board in addition to attending the conference and drawing up a report on conference performance and presenting to the Advisory Board for its evaluation.


Members of the Advisory Board / Secretaries-General of JMUN (F)

Nedim Moukadem, 2006 - First Annual Session  
Troy Edige, 2007 - Second Annual Session 
Melissa Başaran, 2008 - Third Annual Session 
Ceren Kaysadı, 2009 - Fourth Annual Session 
Nazlı Yenal, 2010 - Fifth Annual Session 
Roy Eskenazi, 2011 - Sixth Annual Session 
Dünya Oğuz, 2012 - Seventh Annual Session 
Damla Özdalga, 2013 - Eighth Annual Session 
Deniz Yüksel, 2014 - Ninth Annual Session
Eran Eskenazi, 2015 - Tenth Annual Session
Gülsümnaz Çakır, 2016 - Eleventh Annual Session

Sinan Orhun & Doğa Çetinkaya, 2017 - Twelfth Annual Session

Merve Özdemir, 2018 - Thirteenth Annual Session

Derin Karzan, 2019 - Fourteenth Annual Session

Erin Güneri & Lara Nahcivan, 2021 - Fifteenth Annual Session

Zeynep Büyükyazgan, 2022 - Sixteenth Annual Session

Ayşe Yalçın, 2023 - Seventeenth Annual Session

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