The theme of Hisar JMUN 2022 is “Endorsing Accountability: Re-approaching Neglected Urgencies”, focused on tackling issues that humanity has become accustomed to disregard. Neglected urgencies underlie every major global issue in the modern age, ranging from immigration, to extremism, to economic instability. As the trivialization of global issues increases, resolving or mitigating such crises becomes increasingly challenging. The lack of mass and effective recognition of issues such as extreme weather, humanitarian crises, and rising military tensions will cause immense global implications if not addressed urgently. 


As most political actors neglect the significance of taking a global and holistic perspective, threats to the foundation of civilian welfare arise. While global competition might seem highly profitable in the short term, states and other major actors need to recognize how cooperation will allow all peoples to thrive. If core issues that form the base of other interconnected chains of affairs are addressed, wide-scale crises would occur less frequently and would be easier to tackle when they arise. These issues are not only at the base of global topics, they are the barriers that prevent global issues from being tackled. 


The 2030 Agenda of the United Nations for Sustainable development seeks to address urgent issues that, if not addressed, will continue to have exponentially increasing implications on mass populations. Among the goals are ending poverty and famine, raising awareness of universal humanitarian rights, achieving gender equality, and preserving natural resources to ensure sustainability. As it is our obligation to act upon international relations within comparative politics, we may raise awareness on unprecedented and ongoing issues and tackle the widespread exploitation present throughout the world. As the delegates of Hisar JMUN 2022, we will be debating on the theme, and finding effective solutions to achieve such United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Among the most significant of these minimally approached conflicts is climate change. The biggest repercussion of the climate crisis is the threat it poses to our future. It causes health threats, challenges posed by extreme weather, and habitat loss among the global threat it poses on the sustainability of resources used by the quickly globalizing and industrializing age. With the increasing population and inability to further live on scarce resources, also decreasing with urbanization, we are in need of collaboration between member states of the United Nations to aid the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. With that, the trivialization of major, prominent conflicts and crises need to be ceased, as the world is at stake. As the future of the United Nations and the modern age, it is in our hands to do so, thus we may start via the extensive debates at Hisar JMUN. 

Damla Karabay

President of The General Assembly

Hisar Junior MUN 2022

Ayşe Yalçın

President of the Special Assembly

Hisar Junior MUN 2022