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Junior Model United Nations

With a commitment to public speaking, debating and the free exchange of ideas, Hisar School has been organizing and hosting a first-of-its-kind Junior Model United Nations (JMUN) conference since 2006. Our conference grew from a 200-student conference attended solely by Turkish schools to an international one hosting over 770 students. JMUN is a recommended conference by The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN).

JMUN at Hisar is a three and a half day conference held solely in English and organized by experienced Model United Nations (MUN) students in the 15 – 19 year age group, who also chair the various sessions and represent the appropriate, supporting Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) present. For beginners with MUN, it offers preliminary training as preparation to simulate the work of the United Nations (UN) in a range of workshops, and in similar fashion to THIMUN style senior MUN events around the world. Its target participants are middle school students with the conference intended to provide an occasion for learning how the UN works, through researching, discussing and debating important world issues as they concern member countries. It is an intense, though highly-motivating activity, and gives participants the opportunity to deepen a wide range of English language skills, to sharpen their intellects, to familiarize themselves more thoroughly with important and controversial current affairs, as well as to know the world of international diplomacy.

For students from schools where the first language is not English, our conference also offers well-structured support in developing and practicing key skills in this, the official language of the conference. The training workshops, practice speech-making and debates, the preparation and drafting of policy statements and resolutions, all lobbying, note-writing and passing, and of course the conference event itself are exclusively in English, with simplifications and prompts where needed and extra assistance provided for those requesting it.

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