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The General Assembly is one of the principal organs of the United Nations system where all of the members of the United Nations are equal and represented. The best part is the fact that it allows every member state to partake in finding the best solutions to world problems. The General Assembly committees debate different aspects of world problems and concerns. In MUN conferences these committees gather on the last day of the conference to debate the resolutions that have passed in the committees.


In JMUN, the best clauses of the passed resolutions will be selected by the delegates in the respective committees and sent to the General Assembly Plenary Session. These clauses form one big resolution related to the theme of the conference which will be debated and voted at the plenary session.  The committees of the General Assembly are:



Enhancing Digital Trade and E-Commerce Regulations


Discussing the legal framework of AI usage in higher education institutions.  of regulations to ensure responsible AI use


          Examining the role of AI technologies in global education and standardized testing

          Improving Digital Literacy and Remote Learning Opportunities for Underprivileged Students


          The implications of technology's inclusion in the medical workforce

          Establishing thorough vaccination guidelines to encourage the advancement of vaccines

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