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The Special Assembly is one of the principal organs at most MUN conferences and just like the General Assembly all of the members of the United Nations are equal and represented. The Special Assembly debates issues directly connected to the theme of the conference. At JMUN, it consists of committees that debate different aspects of world problems directly related to the theme. In JMUN, these committees gather at the last day of the conference to debate the passed resolutions.

In JMUN, the best clauses of the passed resolutions will be selected by the delegates in the respective committees of the Special Assembly and sent to the Special Assembly Plenary Session. These clauses form one big resolution on the theme, which will be debated and voted at the plenary session. The committees of the Special Assembly are:



Encouraging the restoration of coral reefs located near densely populated industrial parks

Surveying and preventing the hazardous waste excreted by industrial parks and highly populated areas 


Promoting Smart Cities and Urban Technology Integration

Climate-Resilient Urban Infrastructure Development in Urbanized cities


           Combating İllegal fishing and piracy in the coast of West Africa

           Combatting the effects of Glacial Melting on the rural communities in the Himalayas


          Reducing negative effects of the 2023 Turco-Syrian earthquake 

          Enhancing Access to Clean Water and Sanitation in Humanitarian Crisis

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