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Dear delegates and fellow advisors,

We are very excited to host you once again at our JMUN conference. This year's theme holds great relevance as it addresses our ever changing world. I hope that delegates grow their passion for MUN as they continue to bring their thoughts, perspectives, and opinions to their committees. The Hisar JMUN has discussed world issues for years and this year will continue to do so. Mirroring the real-time challenges confronting our world, we aim to continue to grow as a community as you debate issues ranging from climate change to historical conflicts, and threats to national security. 

The Hisar JMUN conference has been many delegates’ first MUN experience. I believe that our secretariat, executive team, and Stoff members will help foster growth in the participants, making it a unique experience for everyone involved. The conversations sparked between delegates will broaden their perspectives, creating a wider understanding of world issues. Through the plenary sessions, opening and closing ceremonies, and committee debates, we hope that delegates will have an incredible experience. 

Lara Ann Türeli


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