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Dear delegates and fellow advisors,

We hope you will enjoy this year’s JMUN. For years, we have debated several issues concerning global politics, economics, and international relations. I believe that themes selected every year are very crucial to issues that arise around the world at that time. This year, we have faced wars, natural disasters, droughts, hastening global warming, and much more. Every delegate brings a different perspective, a different cultural background adding to the diverse nature of the conference, and a different quality to debate. We have selected agenda items, each fitting for a committee of choice, and hope delegates will enjoy all during debate. I hope that it is as fruitful as it has been every year. 

Many have never attended an online conference, in fact this JMUN is some delegates’ first experience attending one at all. Yet, I believe, with the hospitality and comfort everyone will feel from our Secretariat and Executive Team, all participants will be encouraged to do their best. After a period of the pandemic, online conferences have become the new normal. Now, we have overcome that new-normal, back into years’ work and the natural way of doing MUN. I hope finally being able to socialize with delegates and be in an environment with people of the same interests will be enjoyable for all. We have organized events, opening and closing ceremonies, a guest speaker, and much more for participants.

Again, I wish to see everyone on March 17th on our campus for the first time since 2019. 

Ayşe Yalçın

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